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Terrifyingly Hilarious - The Gimp Under the Stairs 

"See Daddy hates Roach because he got out of the cellar and into the walls…and now Daddy can't find him." - Alice

I grew up next to a funeral home. And after seeing this movie I never looked at my neighbors the same way again. 


A brother and sister live in incest in a creepy old mansion/funeral home filled with booby traps, a man-eating rottweiler, a cache of gold, and a bunch of mutilated boys locked in the cellar.

Why this has yet to become a reality show I have no idea.

Wes Craven's little-seen, but still incredible, classic "The People Under the Stairs" features Brandon Adams reprising the role he played in "The Mighty Ducks" and "Mighty Ducks 2." This time instead of playing championship pee-wee hockey, Jesse (who we learn is called Fool in the hood) is off on a whole new adventure when Ving Rhames convinces him that the only way to pay for his dying mother's cancer surgery is to rob their stupidly rich, very deliberately Reagan-esque landlords (who are both clear proxies for Ronald and Nancy Reagan). Funny how a decade later the idea of poor people not being able to afford adequate healthcare is still relevant…but I digress.


Doesn't seem all that Fool-ish right? Well it doesn't until they actually break into said house and discover it's not just built to keep black people out, but also to keep mutilated, cannibalistic white people in. Turns out the landlords (who are called Daddy and Mommy respectively, despite being actually brother and sister…eew) are crazier than a carousel of cat shit and have been kidnapping children for years. Of course kids don't take too kindly to being snatched from their parents and abused (presumably sexually…Daddy is kind of a freak) and when they inevitably misbehave Daddy and Mommy are left with no choice but to mutilate them and lock them in the cellar (as you do).

But what happens if one of the kids escapes? Well, that brings us to Roach. At some point Roach got out of the cellar and now makes his home in the abnormally thick walls of the funeral home. Daddy wants him back in the cellar. And Mommy worries about where Roach might be going to the bathroom.


So what's a crazed Ronald Reagan stand in to do?


Put on a "Pulp Fiction"-style gimp/bondage suit and blast the walls at random with your SPAS-12 shotgun. I wonder if there's a Modern Warfare achievement for that?


I think what makes this scene work for me is that it's so incredibly random and unexpected. It's scary because you seriously begin to wonder about Daddy's mindstate and what kind of shit Fool as found himself knee-deep in. But yet…the dude is also wearing a gimp suit. I'm sure being chased by a crazy proto-Tea Partier with a shotgun is frightening as hell in any context, but isn't it just a little easier to handle if the guy is in a gimp suit?



I've heard that Craven himself admits that this film is an allegory for Reaganomics. The parallels are pretty clear – poor people (black and white) getting the shaft, overpriced healthcare, wealth that isn't trickling down, and I'm told that Ronald and Nancy were actually prone to calling each other "Mommy" and "Daddy."

Once you understand this the politcal message of "The People Under the Stairs" becomes abundantly clear: Strange men in gimp suits are carrying shotguns and coming for your children. And there's nothing you can do about it…nothing. 


Terrifyingly Hilarious – The Johnny Five Beatdown

You'd think a PG rated sci-fi, family comedy staring a wisecracking robot and perhaps the only performance of a white actor in Indianface (way to bridge the racial gap Fisher Stevens) would be pretty safe, wholesome viewing.

You, my friend, would be wrong…oh so tragically wrong.

In addition to setting Indian culture back 500 years, cramming about 1000 robot one-liners into every scene, and featuring a snazzy 80s synth jazz score, "Short Circuit 2" was also a diatribe on the dangers of the big city. This was the late 80s, back when you were just as likely to get murdered in NYC as find a great slice of pizza. And at its core this movie is really about maintaining a sense of self, even when surrounded by nothing but negative influences, as Johnny Five's well-meaning naiveté collides head on with the murkier elements of the big city. He's got a choice – he can cave in and let the city destroy him, or he can wise up, get smart and learn to navigate the pitfalls and dangers while still remaining the same, lovable (if not slightly annoying) Johnny.

If you think about it, it's actually a pretty great message: The world will destroy you if you let it, but, like Johnny, it's important to never let go of that special, caring part of you that just wants to read books at breakneck speed, hang out with your white-Indian friends, and generally have a synth-jazzy good time.

It warms my heart…

Many of the scenes in this regard are handled pretty light-heartedly. Johnny thwarts some would-be robbers while quoting "The Honeymooners," he uses his deus ex machina radio device (that can literally control ANYTHING electronic) to play music, he even joins a Latino gang, whose modus operandi is kicking various things (including your balls) into outer space!

But then, right at the end of the second act, shit gets real. Waaaaay too real. Johnny is assaulted by the movie's three villains and mercilessly beaten within an inch of his life with a fire axe and crowbar. And not in any kind of amusing way: He gets the kind of beating that would make Rodney King and Alex Murphy think they got off easy.


And he BLEEDS! As if seeing a loveable, kind-hearted robot get the shit kicked out of him isn't effed up enough, the FX people in this movie decided it would be cool if Johnny had red battery fluid. The result? When Johnny gets hit you get a nice "blood" splatter to go along with it.  Outside of "Neon Genesis Evangelion" I don't think I've ever seen a robot bleed before and I have to say it's easy some of the freakiest, most disturbing material ever put to celluloid. They tried to lighten things up toward the end of the scene by having Johnny use his god antenna to rescue himself using model planes – the very definition of too little, too late.

The dangerous ol' big city shoves it's dick up in Johnny – HARD! – on this one. On the upside Johnny gets a brand new body in the end. A body made of solid gold that is probably worth hundreds of thousands of 1980s dollars. I can only assume there was never a Short Circuit 3 because Johnny probably eventually rolled his foolish, 24 karat ass right into the heart of gangland, caught another fire axe/crowbar special, and was smelted down into about 8532 custom grillz.



…R.I.P Johnny "Number 5" Five. 



And in case that scene has left you rattled (which I know it always does for me) you can cheer yourself up by reciting the Los Locos chant (preferably in your office; in front of your boss)!





Terrifyingly Hilarious: Pt. 1 - The Dark Overlord of the Universe

In keeping with the tone/style of Semi-Dead I've decided to do a blog series profiling some of my favorite films/clips that had just probably the opposite effect they should have. Either it's horrible and frightening and I find it hilarious, or vice versa. You'll get the idea…and in the process I'll probably reveal more than I should about my traumatic childhood.


Pt. 1 – The Dark Overlord of the Universe

What was the first movie to ever scare me you ask? Was it The Exorcist? Night of the Living Dead? Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo? Any of these would make sense, but I was not so lucky.

No the first movie that ever scared me was George Lucas' classic "Howard the Duck." But not Howard himself (though I do find the idea of a 4-foot-tall talking duck a bit unsettling). No it had to do with this man:



Dr. Walter Jenning (played by Ferris Bueller's high school principal).

The basic setup is this: Dr. Jenning is doing some kind of crazy scientisty space-time experiment thingy when he accidentally teleports an alien monster (called a Dark Overlord of the Universe) inside of his own body.

Now most people would be concerned about this, maybe ask to be taken to the hospital, or to a priest, or immediately assume the worse and take a shotgun to their head...Instead Dr. Jenning hops into a van with Howard and sexy, big-haired 80's Lea Thompson (apparently Marty McFly's mom dabbles in bestiality as well as temporal incest) and decides to go grab a bite to eat. 

What follows is one of the most incredibly unsettling moments ever put on screen (I mean the dude had a Japanese hentai tentacle in this throat!) I'm not lying when I say that seeing this movie gave me daily, recurring nightmares that lasted for months. I blame that angry, vagina faced, giant scorpion monster for many a sleepless night.

Yes, in retrospect it's ridiculous. But imagine being 6 years old and seeing this. And (prepare for me to get academic for a second), despite the campiness of it all, the whole Dr. Jenning scenario actually plays well into what horror aficionados call the "body horror" subgenre. Whether it's an arrogant scientist turning himself into a giant fly (The Fly), a Japanese businessman mutating into a metal monster (Tetsuo), or a TV exec growing a mouth on his stomach (Videodrome), there's something deeply unsettling about the notion of losing control of your own body – the idea of the monster being inside you, something that becomes all the more potent in a time when disease is as dangerous a threat as war.

Cheesy or not, I find there's something distinctly Cronenberg-esque about Dr. Jenning's story. In another world perhaps Dr. Jenning would have had his own film and gone on to be one of the great cult movie monsters of all time. He probably even went to college with Seth Brundle – where he majored in Mad Science with a concentration in Poor Judgment Theory - two plucky undergrads bragging about how they would both someday defy the laws of nature and science – even if it meant putting their own bodies at risk… but oh how the mighty do fall.

Incidentally, I may have been right to fear Dr. Jenning as a kid as in 2003 the actor, Jeffery Jones, became a convicted sex offender when he was arrested for asking a 14-year-old boy to hang out for a photo session (and not the kind that ends up in the high school yearbook). 


Without further ado: The madness of Dr. Walter Jenning:






Semi-Dead Season 2 Trivia Contest



So when we did Season 1 of Semi-Dead a lot of the characters ended up being named after crew members and our friends. No particular reason, it just seemed funny at the time and everyone ended up getting a kick out of it.

So we had an idea. Why not extend the courtesy to our fans this time around? Of course we love you all like a zombie loves internal organs, but we can't play favorites. That's why we're going to have a trivia contest! This is your chance to have yourself immortalized in the halls of horror web series history (and likely have your namesake die in a cool way).

It's pretty simple. Each week we'll post a new trivia question that deals with something that happened in Season 1. Answer it and shoot us (in the brain with) an email with your answers. We'll draw names at random if you've answered correctly you'll have a character in Season 2 named after you!

Be sure to give us the prefered spelling of your name when you submit (i.e. if you prefer Joe instead of Joseph) as well as your Twitter and/or Facebook so we can announce who you are.

There will be 8 winners total:

- 4 females

- 4 males

This contest is ongoing: Each week, starting AUGUST 18TH, we'll draw for one or more of the characters, building up to the final reveal of the names of our two new roommates on SEPTEMBER 8TH! Only one entry per person will be allowed, but feel free to tell your friends - they might be nice enough to put your name in instead of theirs.

Here goes:




Ready to get in on the horror? Send us the answer via email. Good Luck!


Semi-Dead wins big at the LA Web Fest!

Semi-Dead screened this weekend at the LAWEBFEST and came away with several outstanding achievement awards. Including Outstanding Comedy Series!

The whole weekend was a fantastic experience. We got a great crowd response at our screenings. And, most importantly it was great to meet some web series creators and talent from all over the world. Look for some shoutouts to some of our favorite shows we discovered at the fest in the coming days.

All of us at Semi-Dead want to thank Mike Ajakwe and the LAWEBFEST staff as well as congratulate the cast and crew for their achievements!


Outstanding Comedy Series

Outstanding Directing - Sean O'Brien
Outstanding Directing - Tom Flynn

Outstanding Lead Actor - Keith Arthur Bolden
Outstanding Lead Actor - Andrew McMennamy

Outstanding Editing - Bryan Tuck

Outstanding Music - Andrea Chang
Outstanding Theme Song - Detroit CYDI


Thanks to all of our wonderful fans for the support. And don't forget, if you haven't, you can watch Semi-Dead: Season 1 in its entirety RIGHT HERE!!