Zombie Liquorice - discount for Semi-Dead fans!
Monday, April 5, 2010 at 02:00PM
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If you watch Semi-Dead we assume you're a horror fan. And if you're a horror fan you gotta love great horror gear and clothing right?

Well obviously.

There's lots of horror clothing companies and sites on the Internet but Zombie Liquorice is easily one of the best - Great original designs, awesome selection, and a wide variety of gear that should make any horror fan's eyeballs bleed out of joy. Definitely check out their newest t-shirts and their belt buckle design - perfect for anyone looking to survive a zombie outbreak in style.

Since we love Zombie Liquorice and they love you and we love you too and there's just a whole lot of zombie love being thrown around they've made us a very generous offer for all of our fans.

For a limited time, any fan of Semi-Dead will get a 10% DISCOUNT on any item from Zombie Liquorice. Just use the special promo code: SEMIDEAD when you checkout and let them know that Chris and Joe sent you!



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