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Chris and Joe are roommates, both former military, trying to live normal, productive lives in this modern, Internet-dominated world… It’d be a lot easier though, if the city weren’t swarming with zombies.

On the plus side, it seems that somebody forgot to turn out the lights and, despite the city being ravaged by zombies, much of the infrastructure remains in tact. For the time being there are still utilities, electricity, gas and even Internet access available. But that doesn’t stop this whole thing from affecting the two in wildly different ways. Joe goes into full on survival mode–struggling to fight against the zombies and sometimes finding rather disturbing and unorthodox ways to survive. Chris however, has suffered some form of PTSD and is living his life as if nothing out of the ordinary has happened.

So, while Joe embarks on an endless quest of survival (so long as he doesn’t have to leave too many of the comforts of home behind), Chris continues to go to “work,” run errands, look for dates, make sure Joe pays the rent on time, and generally maintain his 9 to 5 existence - all without ever even noticing the zombies.

But things are not always as they seem and, as Chris and Joe encounter other survivors and gradually stumble onto the truth of what is happening to the city, survival may not be a matter of sanity but rather which one of them is crazier.